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Shaw Monte Rosa Hardwood

Shaw Monte Rosa Hardwood

This is another hickory hardwood offering from the Shaw company that's a simply brilliant design for family life or those who like to walk around their castle barefoot. With a subtly sueded surface, like soft fabric melded into a wire-brushed hickory, the Shaw Monte Rosa Hardwood collection on your floor actually feels soft to the touch.

It also helps your purchasing decisions when you see that Shaw Monte Rosa Hardwood is simply gorgeous flooring. Each slender plank is unique; hand-brushed with firm wire implements, which dig into the soft portions of the wood, leaving the harder minerals intact. If you're really into just a touch of texture, and not the more aggressive, harsh results of other scraped hardwood floors, this is exactly what you need. It is the quintessential middle ground you're searching for between smooth and heavy scraped. Just gorgeously enriched hues, strips of light and dark tones, and the undeniable visual masterpiece of solid hickory grains are left behind for you to enjoy. What an enchanting space filled with bold character this flooring makes!

Milled from a single piece of solid hickory hardwood, these slender 3 1/4” wide Shaw Monte Rosa Hardwood boards are a full ¾” thick and will wear beautifully and with dignity for many years to come. Each and every plank displays genuine craftsmanship, durability and timeless lure. It's a sophisticated, rich, and luxurious upgrade to your space. Oh and don't forget warm and inviting! You'll love the bold look and deep character of this affordable, easy to install hardwood flooring.