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Shaw Nashville Hardwood

Shaw Nashville Hardwood

If you, like so many of us, get bored too easily and require multiple sources of stimulation at all times to keep you occupied then steer clear of anything even resembling boring by putting down your smart phone and checking out the Nashville series by the well-caffeinated worker bees over at Shaw Floors. In the age of uber technology where watching television and listening to music while you exercise at the gym has become the norm, having boring furnishings around your home will never do enough to satisfy you. Yes, we are talking to you: the one with a work tablet and a leisure phone who knits during business meetings and completes a fifteen minute thigh workout while you prepare dinner.

Solid colors and single dimension materials are a thing of the past. No one is happy with plain old beige linoleum anymore because it holds out interest about as long as the first episode of the third season of Veronica Mars. So Shaw Floors has introduced a remedy in the form of engineered hickory. This series is made up of three varying widths - 3", 5", and 7" that are conveniently combined in equal proportions in each box that’s packed and shipped. The Nashville series boasts a light wire brushing effect that, when combined with the beveled-edge planks that are characteristic of the Hardwood Collection, have a satiny finish that brings out the natural character of the unique wood grain patterns. The result is a floor with lots of visual interest and design impact that leaves us breathless and staring googly-eyed for days upon weeks. Personalize the series to suit your space by choosing from one of four classy finishes: The bright honey Opry brings light into any space it enters. The warm and inviting Broadway falls somewhere in the middle, with the Ryman and Trolley planks bringing a serious air to any space with their bold, full-flavored finish.