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Shaw Olde Mill Maple Hardwood

Shaw Olde Mill Maple Hardwood

A quick way to adding years of distressed character to your home is through installing reclaimed hardwood flooring. Despite its alluring nature, reclaimed wood flooring comes at a hefty price. Knowing this, Shaw created a collection delivering the same great complexion at a fraction of the cost. Resulting in the Olde Mill collection, these engineered floors guarantee a look of rustic, aged and weathered hardwood plucked from buildings, fences and even old flooring. This rich aesthetic is implemented through meticulous hand-sanded and hand-distressed accents finishes with pillowed edges for a look of centuries old hardwood flooring.

Backed with modern engineering, the look of these lively hardwood floors is built to last for generations offering outstanding durability suitable for any lifestyles. Topped with Shaw’s ScufResist Platinum UV Cured finish, Olde Mill ensures flooring for decades of comfortable living with a continuous luminous glow. The worn in look of these floors transforms any space of the home into an inviting retreat with endless cozy comfort. Applied to versatile 3” wide planks that snugly fit any room dimension, choose from three vibrant finishes to create life and excitement within the home. Hot Chocolate is an explosive finish with a deep espresso brown complexion accentuated with bold amber undertones. Differing greatly, Maple Sunset Splendor is a light finish with bright golden tan hues brushed across each plank given depth by bold amber tones. Autumn Leaves completed the collection with a sunset of rustic autumn shades with vibrant burnt orange accents for a rich, luxurious velvety glow.