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Shaw Sequoia Hickory Hardwood

Shaw Sequoia Hickory Hardwood

Reclaimed barn wood flooring is all the rage right now. It's huge! It's sought after for homes and boutiques everywhere when the buyer wants to go all out vintage or proclaim that vintage is the new modern. And watching those shows on TV is so tantalizing, we just must have that rustic time-worn look for ourselves. But without their producer's resources to find the perfect antique wood and the thousands of dollars involved to make it work, where do we turn to? Shaw Sequoia Hickory Hardwood is the best bet.

When smooth hardwood floors just won't do, you want the rustic appeal and popularity of a "heavy scrape" hardwood floor like this. Likewise, the pillowed edges and ends give each plank a more pronounced sculpted effect, which enhances the versatile vintage look you crave. Sequoia Hickory lets your imagination and creativity flow and easily helps you create your space as visually vintage, but on a modern budget, time clock, and resources. No searching far and wide for a few planks that need work, you can just buy boxes of Shaw Sequoia Hickory Hardwood dignity right here in 5" or 6 3/8" planks packaged together in one size or mixed width.

The Shaw Sequoia Hickory Hardwood collection has a rich color palette of several exciting colors just perfect for your needs. Sit back in each desired space and dream. Look at the colors and options and decide what works best for you. Picking the color is the hardest part, but know this: you honestly cannot go wrong.