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Shaw Skyview Lake

Skyview Lake

Blending a natural beauty with an elegant appeal, the Shaw Skyview Lake laminate collection pulls the outdoors in for flooring with exceptional grace and grandeur. Creating depth and volume within the home, these durable laminates replicated the classic appeal of natural hardwood flooring in a more sustainable manner. An eco-conscious solution to timeless flooring, Shaw implements a high level of authenticity within each laminate plank intermixing earthy hues for a radiant collection boasting intricate wood grain details. With strokes of glowing shades that bring warmth and comfort to the any space of the home, Skyview Lake infuses a designer touch to these timelessly inspired wood floors.

Irresistibly enchanting, 5.43”x47” laminate planks further the authenticity of the collection with subtle touchable textures for a cozy backdrop beneath your feet. Blending style with functionality, Skyview Lake is as stunning as it is durable. With a multidimensional composition, these floors were built to last standing up to all of life’s tough messes and busy moments with easy maintenance requirements. Free of splinters and refurnishing requirements, choose from a selection of three luminous hues to bring volume to any space of the home. Harmony Pear is a soft finish with mossy brown tones highlighted with subtle golden ambers. Slightly darker, Union Gove Pear reveals a rugged flair with radiant caramel amber hues beneath rustic browns. Rimrock daringly completes the series with deep chocolate brown shades.