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Shaw Symphonic Hardwood

Shaw Symphonic Hardwood

Like music to every homeowner’s ears, the ease of mind beauty of Shaw’s Symphonic hardwood collection brings balance and beauty to the home. Setting the stage with flowing, undulating wood grains, mineral streaks and charming knot holes, a backdrop of sophisticated, lively beauty comes to life for a masterpiece in flooring begging for an encore. Finished with an earthen melody of rich luminous finishes, these multifaceted floors are a rejuvenating choice displaying the classic beauty of red oak. Topped with Shaw’s ScufResist Platinum finish for continuous glow that stands up to scuffs, fading and wearing for everlasting beauty. Expressing a tune of admiration for quality flooring, these resilient floors bring a personal touch to the home for a welcoming beauty and cozy comfort all will love.

Catering to the traditional and classic decors with a timeless glow, choose from either 3 ¼” or 5” wide planks that fit any room dimension for snug, picture perfect finish. Equipped with a selection of six finishes, Symphonic accents any space with an array of light, medium and dark options. Natural is a gleaming light finish that showcases the organic beauty of oak differing greatly from Leather a rugged dusty tan with rich brown detailing. Merlot is a spicy finish that brings drama to the home with a bold rustic red finish with subtle auburn undertones. The finish of Butterscotch is a cheerful finish with a peachy tan glow and cherry accents.