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Shaw Venetian Way Hardwood

Shaw Venetian Way Hardwood

Ooh-la-la, we've got an exotic one here for you. And yet, Shaw Venetian Way Hardwood is still environmentally friendly. Sweet! This South American hickory, called Kupay, is harvested from managed forests, so it’s environmentally safe. Gasp! We get an exotic choice that doesn't hurt the planet? We're in!

The Shaw Venetian Way Hardwood collection boasts five rich and saturated colors that still allow some of the natural variation of the wire-brushed wood grain to show through. Soft, subtle texture peeks out from absolutely stunning colors that roam from wheat-like undertones to the darkest brown and all offered to you on the popular 5" wide plank size. Multidimensional depth and tones pop, but not in a way that's overpowering or unflattering. From Traditional to Rustic to Modern, you'll find a color choice that gives a great, updated spin on your space and suits all design needs right here in this exotic wood-species hardwood flooring choice from the Shaw company.

Elevate your floors to the highest heights of home fashion while not going broke. And rest assured we've got you covered for years to come in durability too. An engineered ply-core assortment, Shaw Venetian Way Hardwood is given the tough EnviroCore feature making it harder, denser and greener that other hardwood products in the industry. Others in the industry may typically use softer plywood cores. EnviroCore also greatly improves moisture tolerance over other traditional solid or engineered wood and has the ability to be installed on, above or below grade unlike the other hardwood flooring.