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Shaw Vintage Painted

Shaw Vintage Painted

Just the name of this Shaw Vintage Painted Laminate series says it all. It's incredible! This laminate has wire brushed aesthetic with the rich detail of reclaimed hardwood. If you just love the reclaimed barn wood look in interior design today, this is your best bet. Our collection's unique enhanced texture finish features the very best characteristics and colors that will make a powerful, trendy statement for you without the worry of finding usable real vintage planks, the cost, maintenance, or durability issues.

Your dreams shouldn't be limited by your flooring's durability and versatility. Stay focused on what makes you feel good, what inspires you, what brings you joy and makes you feel at peace, and don't forget to think wider than just your boutique, bedroom, or living room! The very best part about Shaw Vintage Painted Laminate flooring is the ability to take the reclaimed barn wood-look throughout an entire home instead of shying away from moisture or spill-prone areas. You can continue your shabby chic, rustic, or vintage themes throughout your entire residential or commercial space without worry and with great flow and consistency, even if choosing multiple colors from the series for different rooms. This laminate would be fantastic in your bathroom, living room or dining room, kitchen floor, and way more. It would also be killer in an open floor plan or loft space.

Made in the USA by Shaw, an eco-friendly company, the Shaw Vintage Painted Laminate collection comes in a popular 5" x 47" size. You can install above, on, or below grade, unlike real hardwood flooring, and with bevel edges and an easy float, installation is a snap. Our "stable planks" install directly over existing flooring or subflooring because they're flexible and hide the imperfections beneath.