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Shaw Westwood Hardwood

Shaw Westwood Hardwood

You will laugh and cry at the same time when you choose the Shaw Hardwood’s Westwood hardwood floor collection. Laugh because it comes from an environmentally friendly managed forest from the South America and cry because it is so fantastic that you have no idea what else you could do, but to cry at its magnificence.

Who says people don’t get totally emotional trying to pick building materials when they renovating or building their own homes? Anyone who is putting all their faith and effort into their new living area will surely feel some emotions and affinity to the materials. Remember, this the house you will bring your new wife or husband into, to start a new life or a different life. The place you will expand and grow you family.

Having your own place is no joke and what could be better than choosing something as stunning as Shaw Hardwood’s Westwood collection to accompany you. Think about time travelling into the future with the Westwood’s very dark, rich brownish red of Russet. Russet is a favorite rustic color when it comes to hardwood flooring. The iron like look and texture is versatile at best with different kinds of furniture and cloth materials.

The more boring looking color in this collection is the Shaw Hardwood’s Westwood Tuscan in its boring brown shade. Come on everyone knows this is exactly what everyone else will choose. Why would you want to choose something that will be different and set apart from everyone else? Some people are just plan and simple without breaking any waved or ruffling any feathers. The Shaw Hardwood’s Westwood Tuscan is exactly the kind of thing a personality like this needs. Fit in, go with the norm and don’t ever look back nor compromise with quality and beauty. Be the same but beautiful.