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Shaw Yardley Hardwood

Shaw Yardley Hardwood

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who appreciate the fine beauty in the details and those that watch Honey Boo Boo, and thanks to the rather aware folks at Shaw Floors there is now a hard wood flooring series that speaks to the former rather than the latter: the Yardley series. Wooden planks for the cream of the crop – for those discerning individuals that would never consider a dessert plate finished without a flourish of cream to top it off – the Yardley series is very a la mode. Both hip with it and styled to the tee, these wide planks of wire brushed oak will stand up to any pedigree from Orange County to the Hamptons. The Yardley series takes a leaf from Ralph Lauren’s look book this season and highlights the grain with white so that it stands out against the dark and luxurious wooden background of the white oak planks.

The Shaw Hardwood Yardley series won’t have flamingo or anchor patterns and you won’t see any pastel tones anywhere near a Yardley yard, however the attention given to the detailing is uncanny. You don’t get this kind of attention to detail at your local Walmart, my friends. Without ever trying too hard, Yardley's fashionable 7-inch wide planks also boast lots of authentic natural character with knots and mineral streaks that would be perfect in a drawing room, private study or indoor bocce court. Trendy and elegant, the Yardley series was created for the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Short of than having to show VH1 “where the magic happens” you can avert their attention with Collegiate, Alumni and Ivy League finishes whether you went to Brown or are still waiting for the right time to get that GED. You don’t need a fancy private education to appreciate something that is both well made and beautiful.