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Sicis Metallismo

Metal Mosaics for the new gender of modern design

Already famous for glass and marble mosaics, Sicis reinvents metal in an innovative mosaic design and binds them to the vast arena of contemporary art. With that in mind, Sicis proudly created the Metallismo Metal Mosaic Collection - the first series in the world of steel mosaic.

This striking and strong collection is electric, reflective and exciting, and the daringly sleek style that Sicis presents in Metallismo is not for the faint of heart. Luminating steel and brass is molded into an amped-up blend of different shapes, sizes and finishes, each making their own bold statement and pushing the limits of modern home decor and interior design. This series mixes with a variety of interior fashion aesthetics, lending its own viewpoint to retro, elemental, monochromatic and industrial design themes – and is an especially good match with the modern appliances and fixtures of today’s professional-styled architecture. This collection is also a must-see for daring interior designers, contractors, builders and homeowners with a unique point of view. What's commonplace doesn't belong where you are. There is nothing basic about this collection of metal tile and mosaics.

This mosaic collection is made of steel and brass on a red two-part polyurethane resin support component that identifies the Sicis Metallismo Collection. Lab tests on resistance and separation have proven that the perfect and long-lasting cohesion between metal and the red support exists. Other characteristics are displayed in different ways, such as the non-oxidized steel surface with its resistance to scratching and staining, as well as the lightness and flexibility of the pieces in the collection. The possibilities of aesthetic enrichment are infinite with numerous combinations that link together different formats and different finishes. This collection is made for horizontal and vertical decoration in public offices or private developments - basically any residential or commercial area, even those with heavy traffic.

Metallismo mosaics are available in finishes of brushed stainless steel, dotted stainless steel and brass. Shapes and sizes include: 3/4-inch squares, mini bricks, ovals, rhomboids, dots, elongated octagons, herringbone, basketweave; nominal 3-inch squares; and large format rectangles ranging from a nominal 3x7-inches to 10x15-inches. Each piece of metal is backed by the aforementioned two-component support and through an exclusive patented process it prevents metal conductivity. Small mosaics are mesh mounted for easy installation.

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