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Somerset Hardwood Character

Somerset Hardwood Character

Characterize your own personality with Somerset Character collection

If you have been looking for some character in your personality, try having the Somerset's Character collection to help you.  This is characteristic styling for your home. What’s in a character but a set of adjectives?

It’s very difficult to pull of an eclectic mix of design ideas for a home. Only a marvellously eccentric mind can give eclectic a true meaning and fresh taste when it comes to interior design. Although, having something like Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Character collection as your accompaniment will help you to guide what kind of character you want to give your living spaces.

Natural knots, variations in grain and special marking give the Somerset Hardwood Flooring collection unique features. Light grey hues embrace Character’s Hickory Ember and Maple Onyx. These colors and texture would be wonderful in a cozy dining room with he right table. One of the first things that come to mind when you think about the dining room is of course, the table. It is the most basic element the dining room. In addition to having a table you love, choosing the correct size and shape should be a priority.

If you have a smaller, square space consider a round table of a scale that allows for movement around it even when the chairs are in use. There should be relatively easy access to and from the table while not overwhelming the room at the wrong time. The colors of Walnut and Hickory Saddle will give a bright finish for a smaller dining area too.

On the other hand, if you have a larger rectangular space, pick an oblong or rectangular table. This will likely be the wiser choice in relation to space. Make sure you choose a table that fits proportionally in the available space and allows for ease of movement within the room. Your pastel or light coloured tables would be great with Classic’s Hickory, White Oak and Maple Pine. To top this off, make sure you pick the right kind of lighting and fitting to hang on top. This is the one place where you don’t want to make a mistake with lighting.