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Somerset Hardwood Classic

Somerset Hardwood Classic

Elegant symmetry and perfection in Somerset Classic

Sometimes, classic just means simple and elegant like the Somerset Classic hardwood flooring collection. This Appalachian Oak flooring comes in lightly textured surface for a more durable appearance.

Think about having a classic Greek or Roman architectural idea. A major element in classical style is the use of a focal point around which visual balance is achieved. A grand, marble fireplace flanked by matching, gilded light sconces and crowned with an elaborate, gold framed mirror would be good example of this kind of balance. Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Classic collection will be the prefect finish for a look like this. Natural Red Oak, Mystic and Urban Gray colours will be a perfect choice for this look. The reflection of crackling, cozy fire on a cold winter day are the kind of dreams you want to have.

When it comes to color palettes, classical interior design takes its cue from the empire periods in history where color choices were often inspired by nature. So for a more authentic approach to color, consider various yellows, blues, greens, and browns as well as softer, muted hues like terracotta, gray and pink. All these colors will be suitable with Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Butterscotch and Gunstock.

Adding some ebony accenting within your scheme is important to enhance and ground the look. Match this with Classic’s Cherry Oak and Sable flooring and this elements can additionally serve to orient your space in the classical style. Also use common Roman and Greek inspired motifs like columns, busts and urns.

Take a ride to ancient Egypt by using obelisks and other Egyptian inspired design elements. They can be incorporated into your design through decorative accessories or as a carefully stencilled pattern on the walls. There are also wallpaper styles available with strong classical design elements that will work well if you want a more dramatic look. Think about hieroglyphs and such.