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Somerset Hardwood Color Strip

Somerset Hardwood Color Strip

Unique and one of a kind Somerset Hardwood Color Strip

Please don’t strip yourself into pieces to find the prefect interior design idea when you have the Somerset Hardwood's Color Strip collection. These planks are made of solid Appalachian Oak and is stained with some of the most popular plank colors available today. The great thing about having hardwood flooring is that you will never get the same color and pattern variation in different collection. With the Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Color Strip, this is definitely possible so you can have unique, one of kind style happening at your living spaces.

If you would like to go for a unique look, then you will have to come with some unqie solutions. First, let’s look at some of the unique designs available under the Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Color Strip, such as the Natural Red Oak and the Natural White Oak themes. Some of the most important aspects in a house are overlooked sometimes though they can bring a huge, unique perspective to a home. Like the window treatments.

Nobody wants to live in a house without windows and like how the eyes are the windows of the soul, the windows are the souls of a house. The location of a window can make a big difference in even choosing what kind of a home to buy.

Also, not everyone wants to have the same old fabric designs for windows. Be unique and try to mix in blinds instead in your home. There are different types of blind slating that you can adjust in number of angles or depending on the amount of light you want to allow.

Usually, a rod or a cord handle is used for controlling the slats. Simply twist the rod and control the slats but it could take you some mastery with this as the cords can become twisted sometimes. You may either choose vertical or horizontal blinds made up of different materials such as plastic, fabric, metal and wood. Every style and material has a particular look, so select the one that suits the best for your room.