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Somerset Hardwood High Gloss

Somerset Hardwood High Gloss

Be the envy of your peers with Somerset Hardwood High Gloss

Those were days when gloss only sat on the lips of supermodels because these are the days it sits on Somerset Hardwood's High Gloss collection. The blink blink of gloss will never go out of style and that is proven under this collection as it comes in a high gloss finish on sturdy Appalachian Oak. Go for that shiny look in your home and match the Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s High Gloss flooring with equally shiny accessories and furniture.

Imagine having a cute living room design with a white soft fabric sofa and a soft, maroon floral rug. This particular living room with also have a dazzling bay window combined with an equally dazzling, rectangle lacquered coffee table and all this magnificent furniture will have one thing in common. That is either the Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s High Gloss Cherry Oak, Butterscotch or Gunstock flooring.

Some of other ideas for an elegant living room are with floral fabric sofas and with an obnoxious Moroccan carpet sitting next to a lacquered wooden wall. Your High Gloss Natural Red Oak or Natural White Oak would look impossibly stunning next to this. You will get much praise from friends and foes alike. Got an ugly looking oval table you don’t know what to do with? Do your own DIY lacquering and match with floral wall decals and High Gloss’s Chestnut and Shadow hardwood flooring. Fancy will be living in your living room.

Mirrors make great addition for glossy looking living rooms too. In fact, why have only one mirror when you can have a whole ceiling full of mirrors? You will never have the feeling that you are living in a cramped house if you have mirrors installed in the most suggestive of places. Depth, will have a whole new meaning with mirrors. Gloss away!