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Somerset Hardwood Homestyle

Somerset Hardwood Homestyle

Take your home to the next level with Somerset Hardwood Homestyle

If you haven’t been home in awhile and finally found your true “home”, then you gotta have Somerset Hardwood's Homestyle planks as your flooring choice. A house doesn’t make a home and it takes a lot of effort on your part to make it as homely as possible. Small details can make a big difference and flooring choice has to be made very efficiently because it is one of the few first things you choose for a home.

Traditional hardwood flooring is still popular and something to fall back on in case you’re not sure about other materials. You can choose to have hardwood flooring all over for that homely feeling or just in one special room, like the bedroom. Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Homestyle collection is made of sturdy Appalachian Oak and is made as four sided eased edge. Eased edge means each board is slightly beveled to help hide minor irregularities, including uneven plank heights.

So, how do we use the Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Homestyle to make your home, homey? Choose from Natural Red Oak and Natural White Oak for lighter flooring color. Think about exploring with an open plan lounge that runs through to the kitchen area.

Don’t leave you walls painted in solid bright color but have something odd like an entire wall painted in chalkboard paint. You may use this wall treatment as a great place to have your own original quirky wall art but it can also create a practical surface for note scribbling and such.

Remember that chest coffee table that provides extra storage that you got second hand from your cousin who had moved up in life? Well, that one can sit comfortably on the Butterscotch or Gunstock from the Homestyle collection. Homestyle’s Provincial, Metro Brown and Charcoal falls under the darker tones and a bedroom with some pastel owl printed walls would not be such a bad idea. Think about it.