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Somerset Hardwood Specialty

Somerset Hardwood Specialty

Bring your space together with Somerset Hardwood Specialty

The specialty of Somerset Hardwood's Specialty collection is that it will be in your home. What could be more special for this Appalachian hickory and maple fair as oppose to the traditional oak fair to be installed in a grand scale? Let’s take a look at utilizing Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Specialty collection for a large space.

We all have been in a situation where we have been in a big living room that just didn’t feel very functional. The furniture may have been too far apart and there wasn’t a sense of intimacy in the space. The horror of horror of it all is when it just feels too big and overwhelming. Being able to make communication to be properly conducted in a social setting requires proper placement of furniture and an interactive environment.

If you have a large room with a high ceiling, you may consider ideas to make the room feel less enormous and more intimate. Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Specialty’s up to 6 ½’ lengths will help to create some good spatial constriction. Falling from the darker to a greyish shades are the Hickory Moonlight, Hickory Spice and Maple Greystone. These practical colors are versatile and not hard to be re-imagined in many ways.

Think about having multiple islands with different themes, colours and flooring design. You don’t have to shout across a large room to have a conversation, just create multiple seating areas which are more practical. Use area rugs to further lock down these social areas and enhance the perception of more intimate spaces within the larger design. If you are thinking of using rug treatments, then you may as well go for the more traditional Specialty’s Maple Natural or Hickory Natural.

Definitely with a large space, try larger scaled furniture and artwork. This will carry more visual weight in your big room. It won’t have as much tendency to disappear within the large space. Flooring styles such as the Specialty’s Maple Tumbleweed and Hickory Nutmeg will also be neutral enough to highlight these furniture and artwork.