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Somerset Hardwood Wide Plank

Somerset Hardwood Wide Plank

Liven up the room with the texture of Somerset Hardwood Wide Plank

It’s better that your plank is wide with Somerset Hardwood' Wide Plank collection instead of one of your body parts being wide, trust us on this. If you might think of wide plank wood flooring as something befitting a rustic cabin or a hundred year old historic home then you are very wrong. It's true that these types of homes often have this kind of flooring put them way before your grandparents were born but it doesn't mean that they can't be stylish in today's modern homes too.

You can find wide plank floors in just about any type of wood, from softwoods to hardwoods, exotics to antiques. Wide plank floors aren't for everyone nor are they fit for every application. But they offer a refreshing alternative to the often used narrow strip flooring and are certainly worth a closer look when considering wood floors. So, please do consider all the eight designs available under the Somerset’s Wide Plank variations.

How do you use your wide planks in a modern home? These are some of the basics of your modern home ideas. With some creativity you can achieve a stylish home with updated looking wide planks. Visualize every room prior to buying anything. Concentrate on main features and work on smaller details later on. Your main features might be flooring like whether you want to have Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Wide Plank Natural Red Oak or Natural White Oak. When you think of unique colors as the main features, what kind of flooring will match them? If you try something like the Colonial Grey and Maple Mist, you can probably use brighter colors with them

Observe shapes and lines in every room and you may find different qualities for each of them. Also, try to notice how textures create visual effects. Together with the selection of fabrics, paint color, as well as well as lighting, your flooring will be an important aspect too. Somerset Hardwood Flooring’s Wide Planks’ Gunstock, Midnight and Hickory Saddle might look different in one room but give a more peaceful character in another. Think about how every room plays a different role. If you begin like this then you can easily and economically decorate your home.