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Somerset Hardwood

Somerset Floors

The Somerset Floors company is capitalizing on an area of the flooring world that has yet to be tapped: the natural look. If there is one area in which blemishes are not only acceptable, but in fact coveted – apart from freckles – then it has got to be flooring. Gone are the days of sanding away imperfections and the texture of natural grain patterns. The patterns and color variations in a good ol’ fashioned tree are like all of Mother Nature’s best art pieces—never repeated. The smart humans know that tomatoes are a fruit, Mindy Lahiri is hilarious, and that naturally occurring wood features like mineral streaks, knots, and variations in grain and color should never be considered blemishes in a negative way. Also, as swell as it is to live in the moment, we beseech you not to forget that jar of kimchi in the back of the fridge – or that the color of your hardwood Somerset floors will inevitably change over time as a result of natural exposure to ultraviolet light, natural light, and the bright halo that follows you around the room.

After some time, don’t the airbrushed women gracing the covers of your favorite magazines begin to blur together? The same is true of floors. The Character, Classic, and Color Plank series are solid proof that natural knots, markings and variations in grain and color give your floors, and by extension, your room real character.

What kind of company highlights the beauty in imperfections you may ask? The same kind of company that takes such pride in sourcing their hardwood planks from right at home, of course. Made in the great US-of-A, from Appalachian oak to hickory and maple all Somerset flooring is proudly manufactured at home so you can feel good about contributing to the growth of U.S. manufacturing and jobs.