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StonePeak Adamas Wall Decor

StonePeak Adamas Wall Decor

If you are indifferent to color or a little color blind, we would not recommend the StonePeak Adamas collection from StonePeak Ceramics for you. StonePeak Ceramics Adamas presents some of the most rich, deep colors you have ever seen laid on tiles. The Adamas collection is a diamond shaped wall tiles that comes in all the primary colors that are available to match other products under the StonePeak’s brand.

You can cover your walls completely in one rich, deep color in dark blue, black, brigh yellow, pea green, beige or grey. If you are not a fan of patterns that are common in natural stones, then this matte sleek colours are what you need. The Adamas comes in Albus, Ater, Ruber, Flavus, Azura, Viridis, Arantia, Salvia and Semper. One of the great looks you can have for a very modern bathroom where you want to mix solid colors together is you use the Adamas Ater (sleek black) as your wall complement.

With the Ater, you can mix white porcelain water closets together with shelved which have metal edgings to them. Silver and gold is what you want to mix up with the lightless feature of the Ater. People like to have either very bright bathrooms or very dark ones and not many can achieve the in between look. With the Ater, a charming, contemporary bathroom is possible with soft lighting.

The Adamas Ruber on the other hand will be something unique and special set in a bathroom. The general association that tends to come with reddish colors are feminine but with the Ruber, a sense of beauty and neutrality can be achieved depending on the kind of cabinetry or items you can mix. A bathroom wall with Ruber mixed in with darker colored water closets in black or a touch of wood based furniture can harden the feminine vibe it gives out. Always experiment for the best possible mixing without pre-conceived prejudice.