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StonePeak City 2.0

StonePeak City 2.0 Porcelain Tile

Even if you live in the countryside, it is perfectly alright to fall in love with contemporary designs and materials such as the StonePeak Ceramics’ City 2.0 tile collection. Can you imagine living on a farm where cornfields are the main feature while pick-up trucks are main mode of transport? And can you imagine walking inside a house on that farm where the interior is anything but farmy? This is possible if you had visited gentleman farmer homes in Europe or the South of France where grapes are pressed into wine.

Of course you will have to come up with solutions for the practicality of it all but why not have a contemporary modern look even if you are not living in urban areas? StonePeak’s City 2.0 cement color tiles would fit into a home described as functional, sleek and good looking while being welcoming at the same time. You can keep all your farm functionality in the kitchen but have the living room areas as the place you want to chill with your other gentleman farmer neighbors.

The City 2.0 from StonePeak gives the appearance of three cement-like colors in three lineal sizes with the appeal and durability of porcelain. This enriched ideal modern design come in Asphalt, Cement and Olive Cast and also available in three beautiful art piece murals in a 48”x96” format.

Mash these porcelain tiles and murals into your contemporary spaces and keep your spaces uncluttered so that each item can be viewed within its own space. Items made from wood, glass, chrome and metal will work really well in your scheme but stay clear of over embellishment or heavily ornate objects. That means no framed pictures of chickens or grapes unless it is an abstract painting for you gentleman farmer. There are many, very well designed pieces of contemporary furniture available to add to your living spaces and some objects are designed using bold colors. These bold colors will be quite suitable mixed in with the cement look of the City 2.0.