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StonePeak Classic

StonePeak Classic is Classically Classy

Whether you are a classic or classy, the StonePeak Classic porcelain tile series will fit into your house refurbishment agenda perfectly. Even better, if you are looking into a turning around a classic office into a classy office. Many moons ago, when you first found an office that was affordable, you may have just moved in without changing much of its appearances. But now, with your business expanding, you may be looking into changing the concept of your office to suit current times, what more to look like your business is prospering. A great way of showing your clients that you are indeed prospering, is to change the appearances of your business place.


Nothing could be more perfect that StonePeak’s offer of the Classic ceramic tile that emulates the look of real marble to the dot. Your office gets to look new again without the hefty price of the real thing and nobody is even going to notice the difference! Why pick the marble look? The marble stone is renowned for its ornate, refined beauty and was for centuries have been a symbol of affluence. People who use marble exude a special kind of sophistication and an air of artistry that makes them look high class.


Marble was a common feature in the Greek and Roman ancient worlds where temples, public buildings and government buildings were adorned with it. The Renaissance courtyards in Europe saw marble being used as the choice decoration product while in the 21st century, the Trump Tower see them as an expensive feature for show off billionaires.


Choose any of the colors offered in the StonePeak Classic series which are the Classic Bardiglietto, Classic Cremino and Classic Statuarietto. Available in either 12 x 24 or 12 x 12 pieces, the Classic series will mesmerized anyone and everyone with their attractiveness. Take the Classic Statuareitto which comes in snow white background with broken veining in grey. A simple yet beautiful color that reflects a crisp sense of professionalism.


StonePeak's Classic Bardiglietto’s grey and white swirls would be perfect for a doctor’s office where unwanted stains may happen. StonePeak's Classic Cremino has a neutral, beige tone acquired in the 12 x 24 pieces is what you may want to see installed in large waiting areas like courtrooms and libraries.