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StonePeak Crate

StonePeak Crate - Petrified Wood Look Porcelain Tile

Brand new to the flooring scene, the StonePeak Crate porcelain tile collection may be a newborn per its “age,” but it is far from immature. You see, rarely have we seen such a flawless reproduction of petrified wood on a porcelain tile surface! Oh, yes, with a look of Stone meets tree trunk, StonePeak Crate is perfectly rustic and intensely beautiful in its own right, mostly due to the high definition digital printing process that StonePeak uses to make all of its gorgeous collections. All that said, for those of you who are not fully familiar with what petrified means, simply put, it’s a term used to describe an object that has turned from its original make-up into stone. Pretty sweet, huh? But, don’t get too excited. StonePeak Crate only looks this way. Regardless of this, though, it is still authentic in appearance, and we promise that it will make a perfect addition to any space that needs a kick of attitude and interest. Really, there is nothing worse than a boring floor to look at, so do yourself a fave and grab this collection while it’s still hot of the presses!

With three gorgeous colors to select from, StonePeak Crate offers an incredibly smart palette, to include Colonial White, a soft white and gray, Charred Bark, a warm blend of browns, and Weathered Board, with offers a look of beautiful driftwood. Also, this collection offers two very trendy sizes of planks, which are both a 6” x 24” and an 8” x 24” variety. So, if you are looking to infuse your space with one of the newest and hottest looks, look no further than StonePeak Crate!