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StonePeak Limestone

StonePeak Limestone Porcelain Tile

What better way to high five Mother Nature than to bring her durable twin sister into your home with StonePeak Limestone Tile? No worries about her being offended-as we all know, imitation is the highest of compliments! Speaking of compliments, what better way to pull your space together than by infusing it with the gorgeous look of natural limestone? Do you like where we’re going with this? Of course you do! You see, we’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t be on this page if your space was awesome. That said, if you’re truly serious about classing up your space, StonePeak Limestone could very well be the tile for you. Elegant and graceful, Limestone has been printed with high definition technology, which means zero repeats and 100% authenticity as far as appearance is concerned. So, get on with your nature loving self and pour this amazing collection into your space already!

Six colorways strong, StonePeak Limestone has been made available in the following delicious varieties: Cream Gold, a light golden, Ebony, a ballsy black, Gray…an, um, gray, Honey, a sweet beige, Ivory, a soft white, and Walnut, a light and cozy brown. Also, this stunning collection can be found in a perfect range of sizes, to include 6” x 6”, 12” x 12”, 12” x 24”, and 24” x 24”. So, do yourself a favor-add to cart and do it to it already!