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StonePeak Palazzo

StonePeak Palazzo Porcelain Tile

If you are the kind of person who loves to mix the old and the new, then StonePeak Ceramics’ Palazzo is the perfect deal for you. Generally, people like to have a mix of the traditional and the modern at home. This can be either set in the same living spaces or perhaps, in different parts of the house. A modern living room could be the cheat you have going on in your home while your kitchen and bedroom areas are styled traditionally.

StonePeak’s Palazzo would work in the same way too. This collection provides a multi-faceted dynamic of old world charm and modern beauty with three beautiful colors and four unique decorative designs. Trim options and mosaics also available so that you are not caught out on difficult areas to fill in. The three charming designs under the collection are Antique Cotto, Castle Graphite and Vintage Grey.

There is a possibility for a home or commercial spaces where you want to use only one color as your preference. Your walls, your furniture, your cabinetry and everything else falling under the same spectrum, let’s say white. Even your lighting, lamps and other fittings may complement this with glass, steel and chrome. This look can be traditional according to the furniture and lighting design or contemporary too.

What will be more perfect on the floor than having one of StonePeak’s colors for example the Vintage Grey. Pair up Vintage Grey with white sheets, white curtains and white porcelain fittings like sinks and water closets. Frosted glass lamps or chandeliers are also a great complement for this tile or vice versa. You white walls can be retractable facades with multi-patterned surface.

Use Antique Cotto as the in between line breaks you need to give depth on a floor where you have white tiles. These will look great in large rooms with large furniture where the upholstery is made of leather. The Palazzo is absolutely perfect for rooms where you would like to have some peace and tranquillity without compromising on sleek design visuals.