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StonePeak Plane

StonePeak Plane - Beautiful Large Format Panels

All right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to put your seats forward and your tray tables in their upright and locked positions because we are going on a flight of flights! Where to, you ask? Well, we would totally love to tell you but, unfortunately, we don’t answer questions that end in a preposition. Sad face, right? Well, cheer up because StonePeak Plane is a brand spanking new product line that will seriously knock your pants off. Okay, maybe not seriously but you get the point. So, what’s so late and great about this one? Simply put, the reason that this line stands out over so many other similar varieties is that one, StonePeak Plane offers an incredibly large format of tile and, two, its carries a wonderfully high commercial rating. Now, as true lovers of tile, while we love the larger formats, nothing makes us more nervous than shipping these gigantic lovelies. Why? Because there is always that small possibility that a few will break, and the larger the format, the more likely this possibility is to become a reality. So, with that being said, StonePeak Plane actually offers a solution. You see, because the size availability within this series goes all the way up to a 10 foot by 10 foot size, Stone Peak has taken great care to manufacture each piece with a technology that allows it to be more flexible than your average porcelain. The result: we dare you to try to break this tile! Hi-ya!

On a more serious note, StonePeak Plane is available in three contemporary shades, which include White Plane and Silver Plane, both of which are offer a concrete-esque white and gray look respectively, and Calacatta Vena, which offers a white marbleized appearance. Then, for sizes, this breathtaking series comes in 30”x 30”, 30” x 60”, 60” x60” and 120” x 120” varieties. Bottom line, if you’re looking for strong and posh rolled into one, this is your stop and thank you for flying EcoMoso!