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StonePeak Quartzite

StonePeak Quartzite - Porcelain Tile That Mimics Natural Quartzite

Well, there StonePeak goes again with just nailing it!!! Yep, just when we think they’ve already though of “it all,” they ‘wow’ the flooring pants right off of us again! That said, we are incredibly thrilled to be offering one of their latest and greatest lines, StonePeak Quartzite, which offers the flawless look of natural quarried stone coupled with the awesomely superior performance of tough-as-nails porcelain. Full of authenticity, StonePeak Quartzite is not only a flawless natural stone replication, it is also full of all the awesomeness that porcelain inherently offers. And, as if ridiculously good looks weren’t enough to tug a million flooring heart strings, this collection was also put together with thru-color technology and every piece is machine cut and rectified, making grout lines a take it or leave it option. To all of this, we say WOOT, WOOT!

What’s that? You want MORE details? Well, it would be our pleasure! StonePeak Quartzite has been mixed into four stunning colorways, which include Iron, a stern black, Lime, a gray that has been perfectly inflected with green, Moon, a light shade of silver, and Sunset, which has been peppered with golden yellows. Then, as far as size selection goes, StonePeak Quartzite is virtually unlimited and can be found in 4”x 12”, 4” x 24”, 6” x 24”, 12” x 12”, and 12”x 24”, along with a gorgeous mosaic variety and select trim pieces.