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10 Reasons to Buy

  • 1 You will get the best price on your goods.
  • 2 You get first quality goods shipped direct from the awesome manufacturer you choose.
  • 3 We make sure your goods get delivered within a timely manner to your home, business or warehouse we have mutually agreed upon.
  • 4 We won't break your goods in transit, and if that should happen we have a staff dedicated to resolving that situation immediately.
  • 5 Did I mention that we are awesome people?
  • 6 We love flooring, and we love your flooring, that means when you look down at your new flooring, you will love us!
  • 7 We have experienced floor experts behind the scenes making sure everything goes right. We are dedicated to 'micro-managing' the process.
  • 8 When people compliment you on your new floor - these will be people you actually like.
  • 9 Your new flooring purchase will come fully equipped with the full original manufacturer warranty.
  • 10 We have a full retail showroom, which affords us the ability to sell only first quality name brand materials.