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U.S. Ceramics

U.S. Ceramics

Finally someone took the initiative: US Ceramics have created ceramic tiles that can match the boldness of character that has come to define Americans the world over. Only the United States would there be a market for a color palette ripe with shades like Denim, Chartreuse and Red Pepper. Just as true, only a U.S.-based company would be intrepid enough to create such bold ceramics. Americans may not be known for their subtlety, but we definitely know how to use a grill and we proudly stand out in a crowd. This isn’t always due to our choice of a bold color palette for our outfits – unfortunately sometimes we stand out because our clothes don’t seem to fit properly or we decided it was appropriate to wear a Hawaiian button down out in public, but thankfully the U.S. Ceramics company had some restraint and you won’t find any Hawaiian prints within a mile of these tiles.

Categorized in groups by color palette, US Ceramics’ tiles are available in a variety of shapes, so you can make the final call on how big is too big. Someone from Vermont might have a very different perspective on dimensions than someone from say, the state where everything is bigger. * cough * Texas! * cough * Group 0 consists of just about every shade of white and off-white you could dream of – even if you’ve already been a glowing bridezilla and gone through the same decision-making process with your gown. Group 3 is perfect for anyone who thought Kelis and Gwen Stefani’s wild choices of wedding gown were inspirational and spot-on. You can taste almost every color of the rainbow with this series, available in shades of Bright Mustard Yellow, Cobalt, Tangerine and Terra Cotta. Affirm your lust for life with any bold ceramic tiles by US Ceramic and your home will scream from the top of your lungs for you.

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