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Villi Glass

Villi Glass

Mirror, Mirror in the Villi tile, we haven’t seen anything this beautiful in a while – at least since we looked in the mirror a few minutes ago. No matter from which angle you look at the Villi Glass USA Tile products, you will always discover new and breathtaking facets. Like a mirror, Villi tiles reflect the aesthetics and uniqueness of the environment back to its beholder. Finally, a company that makes tiles as beautiful as its clientele. Folks like us are used to having to settle, as it is difficult to find inanimate objects that can stand up to our radiant human perfection, but Villi develops and manufactures glass tiles that meet the highest criterion of quality and looks.

Using a state-of-the-art process, all Villi tile products are created, like you and I, with an inimitable brilliance. Using the interplay of light and colors as well as a variety of surfaces, formats and colors, Villi tiles allow for unlimited uses and personalized designs. When you play such an integral role in the inclusion of the tiles into your interiors, the Villi tile can become a very personal part of your environment. As an extension of your good taste, you’ll want to make sure you have access to a wide range of colors and formats so you can effectively make your dreams reality.

From the Blooming Orchid collection to the adventurous Fossil and Metallic series, the significant depth of Villi tile creates a very real sense of stylish luxury and elegance that is hard to recreate. If your inner need for design spans more than just your floors then you are in luck, my friend. Villi’s glass tiles can be used on floors, walls and as borders and kitchen backsplashes for both interior and exterior applications. For use outdoors, Villi glass is magically frost-proof as well as resistant to UV rays to prevent warping or fading over time. That makes these tiles the perfect choice for installations ranging from pools and spas for even the most discerning individuals.