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Virginia Vintage Coastal Art Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Coastal Art Hardwood

If your style is as American as apple pie and the country ballad, “Some Beach” by Blake Shelton is what it take to picture yourself under that big umbrella sipping a coco-loco, Anderson Coastal Art Collection, a Virginia Vintage variety,  has a soothing and sincere flooring option that will have you seeing seagulls where there were once only pigeons. Relax right into the revitalized style that is brought to you by Virginia Vintage’s Anderson Coastal Art Collection and all of its beauty.  You will have to be careful to ensure that margarita-thirty does not happen every day as these floors transform your spaces from closed and dreary to inspiring, open and inviting.  Relax on your ultra-modern ground level sofa with your organic OJ and Papaya and feel like you are on the beaches of Thailand and The Caribbean with these intensely rich yet understated finishes of Anderson Coastal Art.  These 5” engineered planks will have you putting up your drink flag for more as you now you can relax, knowing that Luster-Lock Ultra and Cross-Lock Engineering will keep your dream den looking as authentically weather-worn as ever while appearing solid and seamless with Performance Profile.

Three perfect handcrafted designs will turn your rural home into a tropical retreat. Lighthouse is a traditional warm beige Oak with inversions of white, appearing like the break of your favorite surf spot.  Contemporary creators need not search any further as instant character, personality and poise are offered by the yummy chalk grey and chocolate brown that playfully alternate in PickleBarrel.  A traditional whitewash look, perfect for avant-garde and time-honored styles alike, Sand Dollar is a white and rosy option.  Gorgeous grains meet impeccable finishes and sophisticated quality with Anderson’s Coastal Art Collection, brought to you by its line of fine and luxury flooring, Virginia Vintage.  So get in your pick-up and head on down to the Beaches of Cheyenne and daydream about your soon to be sunny style that brings these breathtaking beaches home with you.