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Virginia Vintage Copper Creek Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Copper Creek Hardwood

The Virginia Vintage Copper Creek Hardwood series by Anderson floors recall the babbling brooks, rolling hills and grassy knolls of your dreams. Can’t ski? Don’t worry, neither can we. But you love the look of a cozy ski lodge? Us, too. Wanna get away to a getaway cabin in the woods, but you can’t stand the bugs? Ditto over here. For all of those city mice who wish they could appreciate the outdoors as much as they appreciate the outdoorsy design aesthetic it has spawned, we found the floor for you.

Anderson created the Virginia Vintage Copper Creek series of engineered wood planks to fit right into any little house on the prairie – prairie not included. So no matter if your home looks out onto a concrete jungle. Just saying “Virginia Vintage Copper Creek” creates the sort of warm and cozy cabin feel without necessitating that you build your own log cabin Abe Lincoln-style. With names like Hidden Falls, High Point, Logans Trail and Potters Pass, each color variation is a play on one of the country’s most beautiful wooded glens and hiking trails. But miraculously, Anderson didn’t have to cut down any wooded glens to get these planks. Without a single swing of the ax they somehow managed to take an inexpensive, almost industrial material and make it look expensive and exotic.

If sustainability is one of your priorities then you and Anderson will get along just fine. You can use their engineered wood anywhere that you would use a plank floor -- and then some. Plus, the textured surface of these planks makes them more resilient and resistant to water than wood would be.