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Virginia Vintage 5" Engineered Hardwood

Virginia Vintage 5" Engineered Hardwood

Anderson’s Virginia Vintage Collections are some of the most precious, refined and distinctive, sought after hard wood floors on the market today.  This is because of the commitment to excellence that is characteristic of Anderson as well as refined finishes that feature the fabulous idiosyncrasies that we love from an aged, antiqued and vintage hardwood floor.  You could say that the line has it all and that the 5” Engineered Collection from Virginia Vintage may be what you would call a thank you from Anderson for your years of patronage as great customers.  This line offers the total package with a diverse array of colors that will certainly please even the most poised of décor demonstrators on the block.  We all want a floor that is cost effective, gorgeous and friendly to the environment and The Virginia Vintage 5” Engineered Collection is that and then some.  Featuring the normal fabulous Luster-Lock Ultra Finish and Cross-Locked Engineering, these hardwood floors will stand up to the tests of time, birthday parties and your most discerning of design friends alike.  Allow the 5” planks to be your canvas as the diversity in designs available and dimension featured by the intricate imperfections showcased in the hand scraping and other techniques, create your dream masterpiece in any color, for every room and in every fashion you may imagine.

The colors are a delicacy and each and every finish has its own personality and purpose, just like your favorite ingredients in your kitchen.  Available in Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Hickory variations, these all American favorites are sure to turn your home into a neighborhood favorite.  The rich Black Walnut and Fumed Cherry options are as delicious as they sound and as daringly urban as one may get.  The dramatic details coupled with the depth of the color make them more than memorable.  Neutral options that can be avant-garde or classy classics include Trace Walnut, Hickory Maple, Heritage Maple and Autumn Hickory.  Complete your warm and welcoming dining room with the bright and captivating Spicy Cider.  If you are looking to make a statement of sophistication and show off your ever so urbane character, the original design effects applied to Carriage Maple, Burlap Maple and the coolest option by far, Flintlock Hickory will send you spinning into design oblivion while dramatically honing in the style that is undeniably you.  Enjoy durable products that speak to the essence of everlasting and language of luxury with Anderson’s Virginia Vintage 5” engineered plank collection and it’s multitude of marvelous options for the raven fashion maven that you are.