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Virginia Vintage Historique Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Historique Hardwood

The Virginia Vintage Historique Hardwood collection by Anderson flooring has mastered the beautiful balance between all the newfangled uber modern hyper-futuristic innovations that humans have invented, and the beauty of a good old-fashioned classic hardwood floor that could’ve come from Abraham Lincoln’s original log cabin. You’ll see this stylish timeworn elegance in ski chalets in Aspen and Tahoe that come fully equipped with a staff of ten, and a two of them are just for dressing and undressing you after a long day on the slopes. Most of us can’t afford to stay in these glamorous cabins in the woods, but we sure would like to try it out for a night or twenty, right? Instead of wasting your time learning how to ski – and freeze your digits off – lay down a floor full of Vintage Historique hardwood planks in your humble abode. You’ll see your own self worth skyrocket. And you don’t have to waste money on those funny ski bunny onesies.

The Virginia Vintage Historique Hardwood collection may as well have been delicately ripped from a picturesque old barn where cranky genius writers holed up for months with nothing but whiskey and a warm fire to keep them company. Anderson handcrafts each plank to recreate this luxurious rustic look for any home – fireplace optional. Reclaiming wood can get messy, and let’s be real: who has time for that? And the splinters? Forget about it. Let Anderson’s experts do the dirty work for you. There’s a new season of Top Gear you could be watching. The look of hand-sawn texture will give your one-room loft or seaside condominium a casual touch. Then, this collection’s elegant colors—like greyed walnut, warm hickory, and oak colors have names that give you a pretty good idea of the look they are going for: Bunker Hill, Stalingrad, Concord, Waterloo and Vienna.