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Virginia Vintage Legacy Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Legacy Hardwood

The Anderson floor company knows exactly what them girls like, so they gave us the Virginia Vintage Legacy line of engineered hickory hardwood. Secondhand items are fantastic in theory, but when it comes down to it no one really wants someone else’s sloppy seconds. The shirts are stretched and worn in all the wrong spots, the books are missing the best pages and the boyfriends probably got broken up with for a reason. That’s why the vintage look is so hot right now. It has all the perfect wear and tear in just the right way, but it is not in fact worn or torn. Old look; brand spanking new materials. Yum.

Cheaper than wood? Why yes, and we are glad you asked. Similar characteristics to hardwood? We are glad you asked that, too. The Virginia Vintage line comes in a range of shades from Black Walnut and Flintlock to Spicy Cider, Carriage and Chicory that resemble true woods so closely that even experts have had to give it a touch-test. And in fact, engineered hardwood is more durable and more resistant to water than hardwood floors. And it uses a fraction of the wood itself, so it is, like, way more eco-friendly than the forest your neighbor decimated when they redid their kitchen last summer. So if you were jealous before you can cut that right out and put the Virginia Vintage Legacy series right in. If the neighbor’s dog tears up your lawn you could even spread the word of their environmental heartlessness at the next block party before inviting everyone into your home to see your beautifully handcrafted and hand-scraped good deed.