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Virginia Vintage Random Width Engineered Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Random Width Engineered Hardwood

The Random Widths collection of Virginia Vintage hardwood by Anderson Floors is a dream come true for anyone raised by WASPs. If you grew up in the Northeast chances are you know or were raised by a repressed and waspy family. If you don’t know anything about these types, just know that everything must be just so. Not a hair out of place for the annual holiday photo, not an inch of manmade fabrics within a mile of the household upholstery, and don’t even think about asking for a family pet. If you grew up in a home like this chances are you’ve made a real effort to rebel since leaving the stifling nest. Chances are also high that you won’t be able to quite shake the influence your upbringing has had on your style aesthetic. So let us introduce Anderson’s Virginia Vintage engineered planks in Random Widths. These have all the structure and function of classic New England hardwood floors, but they also incorporate a moderate attempt at a bit of wildness with their random, uncontrolled widths.

The Virginia Vintage planks are the original engineered hand-scraped flooring from Anderson and have a kind of simple elegance that classic colonial homes in the States are known for – after more than 400 years of doing own our grunt work we should be able to make some floors that are both sturdy and purdy. Anderson manufactures every single plank with a caring hand to be sure, but the Random Widths collection just adds a touch of spontaneity to an otherwise straight-edge type of floor. We are certain your mother wouldn’t approve of any spontaneity around her baby, but she will most likely be so bowled over by your choice of gorgeous and classy Anderson hardwood floors that she may concede you this single act of rebellion.