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Virginia Vintage 5" Solids Hardwood

Virginia Vintage 5" Solids Hardwood

Those who require only the best need not look any further, Virginia Vintage Solids bring you the best in classic American Hardwoods from a company that is classic when it comes to the Industry Standards set forth for hardwood flooring excellence, Anderson.  This Solid Wood collection brings you the finest in Hickory and Oak in a solid plank form that will bring character and depth that is characteristic of solid plank wood floors. The Virginia Vintage Solids Collection is as timeless as it is cultured and includes hand-finished intricacies that are distinctive and full of design.  The Solid hardwood collection from Virginia Vintage includes some of the most striking woods available. Expert craftsman hand-finish every plank with chisel marks, hammer clefts and nail gouges for an authentic time-worn look. Genuine solid hardwood flooring offers unrivalled beauty, durability and longevity.

The 5” planks ensure that the gorgeous grain pattern of the Red Oak and Hickory alike can be showcased appropriately and build your case for instinctive creativity and design.  Fun and rich color coupled with clever names make designing simple and stimulating.  Stout is as rich as our favorite dark beers like Guinness and offers warmth that is perfect for direct contemporary design.  Sorghum offers great depth and character with dark striations and amber accents that create fun variations that are appealing and elegant.  Smokehouse is a traditional glow that is imperative for your timeless traditional design expedition.  No matter your style, Virginia Vintage Solids Hardwood are a distinguished option in a league of their own when it comes to diligent work to create impeccable hardwood excellence.