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Virginia Vintage Thorne Hill Maple Hardwood

Virginia Vintage Thorne Hill Maple Hardwood

The Vintage brand Thorne Hill Hardwood Flooring Collection by Anderson floors is the modern answer to all the Anglophiles who believe they were meant to have been born during the peak of grand manor estates and Downton Abbey. If you’re anything like us, you wouldn’t care if you lived upstairs or downstairs in the Downton Estate house, just so long as you could be there in the thick of it all. Whether you work in the kitchen or you spend your days playing cards in the drawing room trying not to get too drunk or too bored, you’ll still be living a life of Old European glamour – a bygone era of good manners and oozing class. Thanks to Anderson Hardwood Floors, now all your dreams can come true and you can still use your iPad and food processor with ease and grace. The Vintage brand Thorne Hill Hardwood collection replicates the kind of flooring you could expect to find in any good ol’ manor house set atop a sprawling acreage of servants quarters, horse barns, and hunting woods.

Gentlemen across the country may be losing touch with the idea of chivalry, and sterling candlesticks may be going out of style, but a touch of old world decadence never hurt anyone. Maybe the rest of your décor has been sucked right from the pages of Ikea’s 2008 Fall Catalog, but bring the Thorne Hill Hardwood into your own mini manor house and your class status points will sky rocket instantly.

The Thorne Hill Hardwood collection is characterized by rich colors and graining, wormholes, and a distressed surface, these classic hardwood floors are available in four shades named for great British Estates that we can only dream of living in: Bartlett Farm, Bretton Woods, Middle Brown and Ellis River truly can be yours thanks to the busy bees at Anderson.